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Propella challenged industry conventions and created an insightful and fresh brand which we successfully launched across Europe.”

Anne Mallet Pizarro
Marketing Director
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Propella created a vision, name and identity which successfully relaunched the company to the market and investors.”

Gerard Dover
Infigen Energy
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Propella created a new wave of momentum across our entire business which had a profound effect on our ability to stand out.”

Harley Evans
Managing Director
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I didn’t think it was possible you could make tiling look exciting, but Propella proved me wrong. Their branding and creativity has helped me get more work than I know what to do with!”

Mark Mallinson
The Tiling Guys
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Propella created a vibrant, cheeky brand packed with the spirit of Brazilian life and culture — so much so it made me feel homesick!”

Raphael Garcia
Founding Partner
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Gary’s speech mark icon played a significant role in Vodafone becoming the world’s leading telco and the most valuable brand in the UK.”

Sir Chris Gent
Chairman (retired)
Vodafone Group Plc
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Their work redefined how we connect with stakeholders and customers to create a platform for growth.”

Anders Engström
Corporate Affairs Director
Nörsk Hydro / Yara
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Propella’s creativity helped us become one of the most desired technology companies to work for in the UK.”

Angela Nyman
Global Head of Marketing
Bright Interactive
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Cleverly repurposing elements of brand, Propella developed a beautiful food campaign which showed just how proud we are of our cuisine.”

Tony Panetta
Executive Chef
AEG Facilities
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Propella have had a stake in us from the beginning. They continue to help us developing new franchises, products and merch.”

Victor Medrano
Founding Partner
Victor Medrano
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Our Approach

We do four things



We define why you exist, what you do, how you do it and what makes you unique. We create rock-solid strategic foundations which allow creativity to flourish.


We reveal the compelling truths of your brand to discover unique opportunities you can own. We scrutinise you, your competition, potential threats and shifts in culture and technology.


We scrutinise where you are today, where you should go and how we can get you there. We define what makes you unique; why you exist, what you actually do and how you do it.

Brand Naming

We create distinctive and memorable brand names and stories which get you noticed. Our names help to define tone of voice, articulating brand strategy, purpose and positioning.

Brand Architecture

We simplify the complex structures which support brands, products and services. Our systems give brands more impact and make portfolios cheaper and easier to manage and navigate.


Our work shapes the experience people have of your brand, products and services, making them more distinctive and enjoyable to use.



We have built a reputation for creating iconic brand design which helps businesses flourish. Our work is strategy articulate and built to stand the test of time to become prized corporate assets.

Iconic Design

We design logos and brand identities with big ideas that clearly articulate brand strategy. Our work is iconic, built to last and packed with brand equity which add value for decades.

Brand Expression

We make brands come to life with distinctive and engaging styling across all applications; from print to presentations, environments, events, animation, video and sound. 

Brand Voice

We leverage the power of words to ensure the voice of your brand is conveyed appropriately with clarity and conviction across all applications, messaging and communications.

Digital & Social

We transform brands to work in digital spaces with intuitive, beautifully designed interfaces. We create websites, electronic comms, apps and social media channels and content.


We are experts at leveraging brand equities to merge brands or create co-branded systems which promote your interests when sponsoring or endorsing events, products or services.


We design brand packaging and structures with compelling ideas and stories. Our work has impact and meaning to cut through point-of-sale, build recognition and create desire. 



Change succeeds when your people are engaged and enthusiastic. We create tools and initiatives which get them on-board, to embrace and manage change and take your brand to market. 

EVP & Culture

We explore and define your brand culture and employee value proposition to unlock employee potential. Our work aligns people with vision, empowering them to enhance your reputation.


We create guidelines, practical tools and all the inspiration you and your team will need to implement your brand creatively and consistently across all touch-points of your organisation. 

Manage Change

We support you with tools, materials and hands-on help to build the case for change (when seeking buy-in with stakeholders and customers) and manage your transformation.


We help launch brands internally and externally with on-point presentations, materials and merchandise which illustrate and explain change and can engage media attention. 

Project Management

We help you select suppliers best suited to your brand. From advertising agencies to printers, we monitor and art direct their output to ensure everything is on-vision and on-brand. 



Brands are like racing cars. To compete (and win) they require skilful driving, maintenance, monitoring and fine-tuning. Our custodianship program will keep your brand at the top of the leader board.


To protect and grow the investment you’ve made in your identity, we operate as brand custodians to evolve and innovate to guide brand trajectory and accelerate momentum


We prevent inconsistent design application from eroding brand equity by ensuring the design and messaging of all applications are creative and aligned with guidelines and vision. 


Because we know your brand inside-out we can ensure continuity of knowledge when teams change. We on-board new people with workshops, social learning and mentoring. 

Counter Intelligence

Brands who stand still do so at their peril! Our work helps to anticipate, monitor and counter competitor activity; including emerging brands and new technologies to cultural shifts.

Pit-stop, tune-up

At appropriate intervals we review how the brand has performed to propose and implement solutions; we explore how it’s been used; what works, what doesn’t and what’s missing.

Find out how we can help you shape the future of your brand with a free consultation.