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Brand Naming
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Helping people work better Togetha with Atlassian

Togetha Group (originally called ‘Know Business’) is an Atlassian Solutions and Training Partner. They are experts at implementing and configuring Atlassian software for organisations so that their people can work effectively together as a team. We were approached to evaluate the existing brand with the objective of creating a new brand name and identity to help Know Business compete effectively against numerous competitors.

What are Atlassian Partners?

Atlassian is a multi-billion dollar global developer of software which help people in organisations work more effectively across projects as a team. Their products (which include Jira, Trello, Confluence and Bitbucket) are distributed and customised to suit the requirements of client organisations via a worldwide community of independently operated businesses known as Atlassian Solutions Partners. To become a Partner you must be accredited by Atlassian and the more sales you make enables you to achieve higher levels of accreditation.

Creating a new brand name.

The original brand name, ‘Know Business’ was a verbal pun which only worked when read as opposed to being spoken. Whilst it had some equity with existing customers it did not communicate what they did as a solution partner and was not adding much value or driving the business. We decided to centre our naming exploration on the sense of community and teamwork created by using Atlassian products and what they helped people actually do — which was to help people work better together. We switched the ‘er’ to an ‘a’ — a subtle reference to Atlassian and presented the new name ‘Togetha’ along with the tag-line and strategy “Work Better Togetha”.

Helping people work better ‘Togetha’.

Once we had the name, we explored logo design concepts. Our competitive review revealed a plethora of ‘techie’ logos and other similar clichés. Our solution stylised the two lower case ‘t’s’ within Togetha to suggest two people, as if they were working together side by side. As a bonus this device also suggests IT (as in Information Technology). We adapted our new T icon to develop advertising and promotional material across brand and digital communications. Launched in April of 2022 we are looking forward to seeing the results of our work which has already received a tremendous amount of enthusiastic feedback from the Togetha team, suppliers, associates and clients, as well as Atlassian too!

work better Togetha - Atlassian brand identity snapshot
work better Togetha - original Know Business logo and website
work better Togetha - competitive symbol review and categories
work better Togetha - Competitive colour exploration and colour palette opportunities
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Work better Togetha.

Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - posters advertising the benefits of using Togetha
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - people logotype design
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - people t icon connected network
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - software products connected with Atlassian logos
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - brand idea using t icon and selected typefaces
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - colour palette and specifications
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - Togetha logo and tagline - Work Better Togetha
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Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - Poster of people connected using the icon highlighting people
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - designed tea cups with the dot over the t icon stylised as a donut
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - various donut stylised icons
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - clothing t-shirt design of the logo
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - website design home and other pages
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - advertising poster design growth flowers
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Propella created a brand name and design about people which incredibly anticipated Atlassian’s new global strategy and has already generated more interest than we could have imagined”

Geoff Mether
CEO and Founder
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - Poster of people connected using the icon highlighting people
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - banner designs for exhibitions and events
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - Notebook embossed logo on cover with rubber stamps
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - stationery design with letterhead and business cards
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - Business card designs front and back
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - Poster design with repeating pattern of icons to suggest a team of people
Togetha - Atlassian Solutions Partners - double t icon joined stylised with people in the dots
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