Who are we. Propella is an independent brand strategy and design agency based in Sydney.

What we believe. There are seven principles we use to guide our work.


Break some rules

If you follow the conventions of others, you inevitably end up in the same place many have gone before. With so many brands disrupting industries, we believe there is nothing worse than being like everyone else. That’s why when everyone zigs we like to zag. We challenge conventions and break a few rules to differentiate our clients and get them noticed. It may take a little courage when venturing into unknown territory, but it’s exhilarating and as your guide we’ll help make you feel very comfortable outside your comfort zone.


Dig for gold

People often say to us we wouldn’t find what they do interesting. However, we believe gold can be found everywhere — it’s our job to dig deep enough to find it. The more elusive the prospect, the more earth we move. The trick is knowing where to look and by asking the right questions we reveal clues to its whereabouts. Once found, we remove impurities and make it desirable. We may even add a some sparkles!


Create substance

At the heart of all our work is a big idea. Beautiful and appropriate styling is an essential part of brand identity because it conveys attitude and personality. But it is the delivery system for the idea. Without an idea, design is decorative and subject to the whims of fashion. It is the idea which gets lodged in the mind to become a powerful brand equity. It is the constant which remains with your brand no matter how it is styled. 


The total brand

A brand is much more than a logo. They are a complex tapestry of visuals, words and experiences. They are tribal cultures loaded with belief, emotion and feeling. When we create we consider the total brand and we are very careful about what we move forward or put to one side. We never advocate change for the sake of change — it is driven by rigorous assessment of the space you occupy, your challenges, mission, objectives and especially your people to determine the best course of action.


Thinking without limits

We do not limit our work to one kind of design or sector (such as brand packaging or destination branding) because diversity of experience enables us to look at the world differently and see the bigger picture. It encourages creativity to flourish, helping us to think sideways and create unexpected ‘ahah’ moment ideas loaded with competitive advantage.


Measure twice, cut once

We believe if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. We work with commitment and passion to get the job done right the first time. You may be tempted to use an inexpensive quick fix, but the money you saved is usually dwarfed by the cost of fixing a problem made more complicated by poorly thought out work. Amateurish strategy and creative can cost you much more than money; it confuses your employees, the market and customers. Wasting time and eroding goodwill it can ruin your brand. 


The compelling truth

We are bombarded by messaging from all directions. To cut through the noise we throw out intellectual complexity and made up stories. Instead, we drill down to find your compelling truth. We look at it from every angle, pull it apart and reshape it into strategy and design more persuasive and profound because it is built with truth. We help people comprehend and believe what you stand for and be able to articulate it to others. 

Why Propella? Our name is an abbreviation of propellant meaning ‘a substance which propels something’. The substance we create is strategy and design which helps propel brands and their people to succeed.

Global experience.

Our goal is to create brands which talk to as broad an audience as possible with cross-cultural ideas which communicate their substance in any language. Having worked across a wide variety of projects around the world we have developed sensitivity to the cultural and translational nuances of symbolism, colour, aesthetics, words and typography.

In person or remote.

We always enjoy working with our clients in person, but it’s not always possible (especially today!). However, we have many years of experience working with clients and creating brands remotely to help them achieve and exceed objectives. 

Founded by.

Propella was created by Gary Broadbent in 2009. Originally from the North of England, he cut his creative teeth in London in the late 1980s working alongside some of the world’s most influential thinkers and designers at global agencies including Michael Peters Group and Springpoint

He describes himself as “someone who is deeply curious”. This approach has taken him around the world working with a diverse range of industries and brands. He is considered to be a leading strategist and designer with a reputation for creating extremely valuable iconic brands, including Vodafone which is now the UK’s most valuable brand.

In 2002 Gary moved to Australia where he continues to work on projects for clients around the world.