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Angela Nyman
Global Head of Marketing
Bright Interactive
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Sir Chris Gent
Chairman (retired)
Vodafone Group Plc
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Anne Mallet Pizarro
Marketing Director
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Geoff Donaghy
Group Director ASM Global
AEG Facilities

What we do. We create strategy and design which give brands the substance to successfully disrupt industries and connect with people. Our work is more effective at solving complex problems because it is beautifully designed from big ideas with depth and meaning.

How we do it. Our approach is driven by curiosity and creativity. We get under the skin of your brand and industry to reveal stunning insights and creative opportunities which work very hard. We do this within a fluid process, customised to suit the unique challenges and objectives of every client.


Set trajectory

We define why you exist, what you do, how you do it and why you are unique. Our strategies provide rock-solid foundations for creativity to flourish and brands to prosper.

Truth and opportunity

We reveal the compelling truths of your brand to discover unique opportunities you can own. We scrutinise you, your competition, potential threats and shifts in culture and technology.

Purpose and positioning

We determine where you are now, where you want to go and how we can get you there. We define what makes you unique; why you exist, what you actually do and how you do it.

Brand naming

We create distinctive and memorable brand names and stories which get you noticed. Our names define tone of voice and articulate brand strategy, purpose and positioning.

Brand architecture

We simplify the complex structures which support brands, products and services. Our systems give brands impact and make portfolios cheaper to manage and easier to navigate.

Customer experience

We help you shape the experience people have of your products and services, making them easier and more enjoyable to use.


Create charisma

We create iconic brand design which will stand the test of time and become one of your most prized assets. Our work is strategically articulate, activating purpose and positioning.

Iconic design

We design logos and brand identities with big ideas which articulate brand strategy. Our work is iconic, built to last and packed with brand equities which add value for decades.

Brand expression

We make brands come to life with distinctive on-brand styling across all applications; from print to presentations, environments, events, animation, video and sound. 


We leverage the power of words to ensure the voice of your brand is conveyed appropriately with clarity and conviction across messaging and communications.

Digital and social

We transform brands to work in the digital space with intuitive, beautifully designed interfaces. We create websites, electronic comms, apps and social media content.

Packaging design

We design brand packaging and structures with compelling ideas and stories. Our work has impact and meaning to cut through point-of-sale, build recognition and create desire. 

Co-branded systems

We are experts at manipulating brand equities to merge brands. Our co-branded systems promote your interests when sponsoring or endorsing events, products and services.



Successful and meaningful transformation is realised by your people. We give you the tools to get them on-board, encourage and manage change and take your brand to market. 

EVP and culture

We define your culture and employee value proposition to unlock employee potential and cohesion. Our work aligns team with vision and empowers them to enhance reputation.

Guidelines and toolkits

We create guidelines, practical tools and all the inspiration you and your team will need to implement your brand creatively and consistently across your organisation. 

Change management

Throughout the process of brand creation and transformation we help you build the case for change and support you when seeking buy-in with stakeholders.


We help you launch internally and externally with on-point presentations, materials and merchandise which illustrate and explain change and engage media attention. 

Art direction

We help you select suppliers best suited to you; from advertising agencies to printers. We monitor and art direct output to ensure everything is on-vision and on-brand. 



Brands are like racing cars. To be competitive they require skilful driving, maintenance, monitoring and fine-tuning. As brand custodians we keep you at the top of the leader board.

Accelerate momentum

You have invested a lot into your brand, so it is important to maintain your valuable asset. We guide trajectory and accelerate momentum by innovating and evolving your brand.

Creative consistency

We prevent inconsistent application from eroding brand identity by ensuring the design and messaging of all applications are aligned with guidelines and business vision. 

Brand continuity

When your team changes we ensure continuity of knowledge because we know your branding inside-out. We on-board new people with workshops, social learning and mentoring. 

Counter activity

Competitors evolve, new technologies and threats emerge, so the brand that stands still does so at its peril. We help you anticipate and monitor shifts and suggest counter activity.

Pit-stop, tune-up

At specified intervals we review the performance of your brand; how it’s been used, what works, what doesn’t and what’s missing. Then we propose and implement solutions.

Find out how we can help you shape the future of your organisation with a free consultation.